Danny How You Feel Tiktok Lyrics

Song Details:- Presenting you “Danny How You Feel Tiktok Lyrics” written by DJ Scheme. The name of this song is How You Feel? sung by DJ Scheme.

Danny How You Feel Tiktok Lyrics

Yuh, lil bi^^h, ha
I’ma go back to rappin’ about tickles and pickles
Y’all rocking with DJ Scheme, lil’ bi^^h
Oh my God, Ronny

First made her giggle no tickle, uh
Then made her tickle my pickle, uh
Metal on me like a nickel, uh
Ice on me just like a ‘cicle, uh
Might buy your bike
And if I bought a bike, then I’m putting ice on a bicycle
These ni^^as bite, oh yes, these ni^^as bite
Like Mike Tyson, I react with giggles, uh
Danny, how you feel?

I feel great, uh
Hit ’em with a sawed-off, make a bi^^h nod off
ni^^a, this not your day, uh
ni^^as get bought out, choppa go gra-tow
Took a bi^^h out like a date
He ain’t ever caught no case
Try to cross me, get put on skates

On my plate, A1 steaks
Scope on AR, a-okay
Jets in my car, UFO
Said I’m gettin’ cheese kinda like a Dorito
Long live Jahseh, all I know
Oh, also I be flyer than your neighborhood crow

Shh, shh, shh
Brrr, gra-tow
Yeah I run off with your sh^t, ni^^a, what now
I’m on the block from sun up to sun down
When you was under you were nowhere to be found [^beep^, ^beep^]
I’m servin’ them pelicans, I’m in the trap, I do it so elegant
K on my back, revenge on my letterman
Hit with some shots, I ain’t feel, ’cause adrenalin
Lil’ Boat how you feel?

Just like a million dollars, Danny
I’m in the Phantom, my bi^^h got no pan^^es
She can’t feel her face, she did two or three xanies
Her bestie off X, she popped ’em just like candies
My game like the Huskies, my G Wagon dusty
My first cuban link platinum, it don’t get rusty
Brought one with the gang, since he saw that, huh, must be
I ran up the burner, he threw me the musty
I took a big whiff, had my face lookin’ ugly
These lil’ bi^^hes thought that I’m related to Dougie
Her BD a loser, he drivin’ a buggy
I’m tired, he lucky, he mad she gon’ f^^k me
I’m sorry, these bi^^hes are always tryna f^^k me
I’m cool, test me dawg, you a fool
Young prodigy, bi^^hes see me, they drool
ni^^a f^^k wit’ the money, we whoop out the tool
Whippin’ my d^^k on the stool
If she startin’, she out it
Got five different rings, cost more than an Audi
My ni^^as need alibis, they always rowdy
“Boat why you keep all them Blood ni^^as ’round you?”
‘Cause I can’t trust a soul, these ni^^as might down me
Even though ni^^as be softer than Downy
Never know when your name got a bounty

Scheme, Ski, Danny

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