You Seem Uncomfortable Tiktok Lyrics

Song Details:- Presenting you “You Seem Uncomfortable Tiktok Lyrics” written by Playboi Carti. The name of this song is 9am in Calabasas sung by Playboi Carti.

You Seem Uncomfortable Tiktok Lyrics

f^^^ a thot in the coupe, oh yeah
got a pint full of red, oh yeah, yeah (slatt)
f^^^ a thot in the coupe, oh yeah
got a pint full of red, oh yeah, yeah
in the back with the slatt, all red (slatt)
bentley coupe with a b^^^^ all red (uh)
in a coupe and the seats all red (slime)
in the coupe and it’s motherf^^^in’ red (slatt)
in the coupe with a motherf^^^in’ bag (yeah) in a coupe with a ho i ain’t had

{verse: smooky margielaa}
yeah, huh, whole lotta gang s^^^
a whole lot of red when that k hit
got a whole lot of bank, lot of blue chips
walk in, they screamin’ my name, b^^^^, huh
whole lot of raf, huh
whole lot of guap in my hand, yeah (guap in my hand)
yeah, whole lotta opps, uh
tryna see a young n^^^^ dead, yeah, huh
n^^^^ don’t know me, huh
n^^^^ cannot be my homie (slime homie)
i’m with {?} and max, they’ll sleaze niggas
take you and you and your homie (slatt)
yeah, huh, whole lotta stain s^^^
don’t give it up, then we gon’ take it
i don’t walk with no one
hit it once then i’m done
smooky been bangin’ your main bit’
i could go get a house in bel air (b^^^^)
all these racks in the bank, yeah, yeah
spent a hundred bands in the mall, don’t care
ridin’ in the back of the ‘bach, oh yeah

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